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Computer Repair

Malfunctioning computer hardware presents major issues for business.

Computer malfunctions can be terribly frustrating. When your hardware does break, coEpTis online provides comprehensive computer and IT repair services that is designed to remedy any of your technology defects. Whether it’s hardware or software, servers or workstation, we’ll fix it or find you a new one.

Servers, Workstations, and all the IT components that make up your company’s computing infrastructure are not indestructible. All of these computers, components, and accessories will ultimately fail. When an essential piece of hardware is no longer viable, our technicians at coEpTis online will fix it or find you a replacement. 

Cutting Into Downtime

At coEpTis online, we deal in efficiency.

When key computer components fail you, you need to get them back up and running quickly. After all, it’s difficult to be productive when the machine that you use to be productive, isn’t functioning properly. We provide break-fix support for all types of computer systems. To keep productivity at a premium, our comprehensive break-fix service quickly repairs your broken hardware and we make sure it gets back to you in a timely fashion.

Hardware Concerns?

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When your computer slows down, you get less done. In order to avoid stagnant business growth, you have to fix the problem the first time. With coEpTis online’s respected IT technicians available for consultation, we are able to provide answers for any type of IT issue, urgent or not.

~No Customer Is Too Small, No IT Challenge Is Too BIG~

Windows Has Failed To Load Properly

Many people bring a computer in for repair because Windows has failed to load properly. This issue can result from corrupt windows files or even a bad hard drive. Remember to inform coEpTis online about any changes you have made so we can do a proper diagnostic. If you recently install a new driver or if you connected a new hardware component to your computer let us know.

The Computer Fails To Boot

It can be an alarming experience when computer fails to boot. But it is often be due to something as simple as a bad power supply. However, we are not always this fortunate; in any case your computer will need to be taken in and be checked out to determine what the specific problem is.

RAM Upgrade or Repair

Random Access Memory (RAM) is what keeps your programs accessible on your computer by giving them temporary memory. But old ram can get corrupted and cause problems from your computer crashing to nasty blue screens. Also, if your computer is running slower than you would like, you can upgrade or add additional RAM for a speed boost. It isn’t always optional. If your computer doesn’t have enough RAM for your needs, this can lead to problems—usually a super slow computer. What kind of RAM should you get? It will depend on the model of your computer and what your goals are. Ask coEpTis online today on how we can better benefit you!